Saturday, January 24, 2009

To Bust or Not To Bust

Everyday I read through a bunch of different blogs. Everyone has their own opinion and that's what makes these so enjoyable to read. One of the common themes that a lot have talked about is box breaks. People are irritated because they buy a box and more times than not they don't get back what they paid for the box. NEWSFLASH..... 95% of the time this isn't going to happen. When you bust open a new box, you do it because you like to rip open packs to try and find that 1/1 Abe Lincoln hair piece or that Babe Ruth cut. You shouldn't expect to get it, but it's fun to try. If someone doesn't truly enjoy busting packs, then it's pretty simple, DON'T DO IT. However, like most of us out there you do and if that's the case with you, don't bitch and moan that you didn't get your money's worth.

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