Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh What a Feeling

And I'm not talking about dancing on the ceiling either. I recently went into a local card shop. For those in the area, I recommend going to Heroes on Cermak and 14th in Riverside, Il. I really wanted to buy a box of 08-09 Co-Signers Basketball. Chuck, the owner, only had two packs left. So after pondering for about 10 mins and talking about the news with Panini, I decided to buy them. First pack, I was happy with. I pulled a Kevin Love gold auto #'d 17/25. Then in the second pack was the dual auto of Dolph and Danny Schayes #'d 201/240. I also pulled a Jason Thompson and Russell Westbrook. Sure, I understand it's not like I pulled a Rose or Beasley auto, but I would have never thought with the last two packs that I would pull both autos. I basically bought the whole box for $20. Here's the scans of the cards.


  1. yeah those are nice. it's cool for u to have this page... it's another way to show each other cards.

    Here's my favorite pulls of the year. Only they were pulled from Mom's closet.